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Case study helps understand how IBLI developed the world’s first insurance scheme for African pastoralists

Andrew Mude, Scientist, Team Leader for IBLI “On a hot morning in Nairobi in 2014, Andrew Mude, Team Leader for the Index-Based Livestock Insurance program (IBLI), looked out of his office window at cows grazing on Ngong Hills’ green pastures, but his mind was elsewhere.

In a few hours, he had to attend an executive management meeting where he was expected to recommend IBLI’s next steps. But Mude was still undecided: should he recommend that the IBLI team focus exclusively on its current sites in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, and work to develop IBLI into a large-scale, proven and sustainable program in these regions? Or should he go along with demands to expand quickly to multiple sites worldwide? It was necessary for IBLI to grow, but Mude was not yet sure of the direction and trajectory of its growth.”

These are the opening paragraphs in a business school type case study prepared by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) about its Index-Based Livestock Insurance program.

Download the case study to find out what Mude decided, and the background data and experience he could draw on.

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