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Call for IBLI Enumerators!!

Applications are invited to fill position of Enumerator for the Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) Project. This is a temporary position for a period of 7 weeks beginning 14th September and closing on 31st of October 2015. Learn more about IBLI project at http://ibli.ilri.org or on Facebook and Twitter.

Candidates should have Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Natural Resources Management, Agricultural Economics and related fields. We accept limited applications from interested candidates whose highest level of education is a Diploma as long they have sufficient experience conducting household surveys fielded by reputable organizations. Female candidates who qualify and are interested are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications to be considered should be from the following Sub-Locations of Marsabit and be fluent in the following languages in addition to English and Kiswahili:

  • Sagante (Gabra or Boran)
  • Dirib Gombo (Gabra or Boran)
  • Dakabaricha (Gabra or Boran)
  • Elgade (Gabra)
  • Kalacha (Gabra)
  • Bubisa (Gabra)
  • Turbi (Gabra)
  • Karare/Logologo (Samburu)
  • Lontolio (Samburu)
  • Illaut (Samburu)
  • Ngurunit (Samburu)
  • South Horr (Samburu)
  • Kargi (Rendile)
  • Kurukum (Rendile)
  • Loiyangalani (Turkana, Samburu, or Rendile)

Candidates should be computer literate and have strong communication skills. Successful candidates will undergo a two (2) weeks intensive training before the survey begins. Remuneration is based on the number of questionnaires successfully completed, with maximum 2 questionnaires per day. On successful completion of the 1st and 2nd questionnaire enumerators earns Kshs 900 and Kshs 1100 respectively.

Please send your application to iblimarsabit@gmail.com attaching the following four items:

  1. Application Letter (Maximum 200 words): provide mobile phone number(s)
  2. Scanned copy of chief’s or assistant chief’s letter confirming you are a resident of his or her Location or Sub-location, signed and stamped
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Scanned copies of bachelor or/and diploma degree certificates

Please note that an application will not be reviewed if the application lacks any of the four items above.

Application Deadline is 30th of August 2015; Applicants who will not get reply by 10th September 2015 should consider themselves unsuccessful

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