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New insurance scheme protects Kenyan farmers

A new insurance programme in northern Kenya is helping farmers protect their livelihoods in dry seasons. Farmers who contribute to the scheme will be given payments should their livestock die. The initiative has already been linked to 33 per cent drop in food aid needed in the area. Al Jazeera’s Caroline Malone reports. Watch the … Continue reading

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New satellite-based scheme makes first payments to pastoralists

What hits you when you get out of the truck at Ginda Village, in Northern Kenya, is the smell. Farmer Haro Sora’s land is littered with the carcasses of cattle and donkeys that have keeled over following an intense, prolonged drought. A skull here; half a ribcage there. In some places there are whole animals … Continue reading

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IBLI project leader Dr. Andrew Mude interviewed on CNBC Africa television: ‘Increase investments in the pastoral livelihood’

As hunger spreads among more than 12 million people in the Horn of Africa, a study by the International Livestock Research Institute of the response to Kenya’s last devastating drought, in 2008-2009, finds that investments aimed at increasing the mobility of livestock herders could be the key to averting future food crises in arid lands. … Continue reading