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IBLI project seeks proposals to build a web-based ICT system

RfP for IBLI Web-Based Infrastructure.pic

Livestock Market in Southern Ethiopia. Credit ILRI Ethiopia

The IBLI project announces a call for proposals to help build a web-based interface with simulation capacity that will enable the automation of index-generating procedures; the automation of information dissemination across a range of output and format types; a facility for querying the system on historical index trends and other project-relevant data across program locations; and the ability to design hypothetical contacts by varying key contract features and calculating their impact on actuarially fair premiums and other critical parameters.

The IBLI Team expects that such software will improve program efficiency and allow for near-real time information dissemination, an open-source mobile-phone based applications for sales transactions, and a web-based management information system to track and store sales data and other related project data. All proposals due by November 18th.


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